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Our Product Ingredient



    Worldwide, ALOE VERA carries the idea of its being a plant that heals. Its inner mucus-like sap, called gel, is rich in over 200 nutrients known to be beneficial to mankind. it will be commonly found in the better cosmetics, because it naturally balances the pH of skin. The plants enzymes soften skin by removing dead cells and increases moisture which fight the effects aging.

    ALOE VERA is one of the older known therapeutic herbs. All ALOE VERA plants exhibit more or less the same properties; however, the ALOE VERA variety is easier to use medicinally because of its size and softness of the leaf. The Greek Historian Dioscorides wrote 2,000 years ago that the ALOE VERA was an effective treatment for everything from constipation to burns to kidney ailments. The Egyptians secret of embalming was believed to have incorporated the ALOE VERA plant in its process. Aloe's are a member of the Lily family. The term "Aloe" is from the Arabic "alloeh" or the Hebrew "halal" which means a shinning and bitter substance. "Vera" is from the Latin root "verus" which means "true". The inner chamber of the ALOE VERA leaf is made up of the clear pulp which resembles slightly- melted lemon Jell-O. The pulp is believed to contain the wound-healing agents. The Russians call these "biogenic stimulators." They now have developed process by where they can use the leaf of the plant, which is also the stronger part of the plant, for nutrients. It was not used as food before because its strong purgative qualities. it caused uncontrollable bowel spasms in its raw form. This new processing has enabled the leaf to now be used nutritionally, but without the accompanying strong laxative effect. This is now called Whole Leaf Aloe. Whole Leaf Aloe is many times stronger in nutrients than gel. This product can be used very effectively for people in debilitated conditions. it is very high in nutritive properties that are easily absorbed. Aloe has a natural antidotal effect, neutralizing body toxins thus, reducing arthritic pain caused by tissues toxicity.

    • ALOE VERA has been used widely in Holistic medicine in the treatment of the HIV virus which is related to AIDS. It buffers the HIV virus from entering one cell to the next, inhibiting the virus from moving throughout the body. The effect is to stabilize the life force; thereby contributing to balancing the blood. It is believed to boost the immune system by balancing the pH of the blood and also increase digestion and absorption.
    • As early as 1935, ALOE VERA juice was recommended in treating certain types of burns such as third degree x-ray burns and more recently, it has been advocated in treating atomic radiations burns
    • ALOE VERA has properties for promoting the removal of dead skin and stimulating the normal growth of living cells.
    • During the healing process, it can stop pain and reduce the chance of infection and scarring and is especially beneficial for first and second degree thermal burns.
    • ALOE VERA is excellent for absorbing toxins and promoting growth friendly colon bacteria.


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