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About the person behind Herb Performance


How do you know he has the answer? Because you shouldn't be spending big or small amounts of money with people who don't know what they are doing. Christian's track record for the past 15 years as a Master Herb Specialist speaks for itself.

To relax your mind about his expertise, read a few of the following things that occurred in his life. Raised in Mexico as a kid but soon became a United States citizen. As a teenager, his journey started as he searched for an answer through herbs to help his constant migraine headaches. After searching and getting results, his interest in herbs became more curious.

As a young adult, he was one of the over 14,000 employees at GNC (General Nutrition Centers. He moved on to being a waiter to increase his finances to help his mother raise his sisters. He knew that nutrition was a deeper calling because people needed his help as he saw everyday situations that seemed to be begging for his knowledge. By divine appointment, directly across the street from the restaurant where he worked, a Help Wanted sign was on a nutritional store called Herbs of Mexico. He went in to apply and immediately got the job, which became a 15-year history due to his knowledge of herbs. As he worked, he began to study with the late Dr. Sebi, whose interest was an alkaline diet and a plant-based diet and nutritional remedies. In his endless search for knowledge about herbs, he studied at Trinity School of Natural Health and majored in iridology. He constantly continues his studies for his many clients and looking forward to creating a long line of herbal products.


The cost of better health can range from $2 a day to $4, which is equal to the price of a cup of coffee that may not be healthy for you, even though it has become a staple across the world. Coffee is one of the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world. It is steeped in synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides—horrible taste when eaten alone. People suffer from consumption which has become one of the many addictions to poor health. The HERB PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS help cleanse the many toxins to lead to a healthier life. We all have habits, but we must fight temptation and move forward to what is best.

The most important decision you will make is to start with your mindset, and against all odds, you will be determined to win. You are not creating a diet, but you are creating a lifestyle. Unconsciously as a teen, you didn't realize that in many cases, you will gain about 1 pound a year after the weight you had when you were 18 and add one year each up to the age you are now. As you know, some even gained more, but it didn't happen overnight.

You are now conscious and headed for a better lifestyle step by step. It's like feeding a plant with good vitamins, and you expect a healthy crop, such as the products we produce, which will intermingle with the 65 to 75% of water in our body. Plants are approximately 90% of water. If a plant doesn't grow overnight, we will not be 100% healthy overnight, but we have to start somewhere. It is a continuous process, and we will see results if we follow instructions as we become healed of our many diseases created from processed and chemically treated foods. With all of my heart, I believe you can do it. So what if there are no instant results? Remember, an entire plant that was planted yesterday doesn't grow overnight.

Everything is hard at first, such as riding a bike. At first, we fall off, and eventually, we get our balance, and we can maneuver all over the city, such as weight which is one of our main focuses. However, we're talking about something more meaningful than a bike. The more you lose, the more you'll be able to move briskly and go more places than making excuses about why there are certain places you didn't want to go. If we don't take care of our bodies, it will be like a bike hanging in the garage forever, never used because no one can ride it.

Your dream is about to come true. A dream and not pursuing it is like not having a dream. You're better than that. Remember you are doing this for yourself and no one else. For once, it is totally about you because you can't help your family if you're down and out. There are no regrets about your situation today; it is just an inspirational journey as others see your progress. The acronym regret is like this

R -– is taking the RIGHT action to reach a goal for a better life
E— is an EVERLASTING promise to yourself to become healthier
G-- is for GRATEFUL that you have a chance to better yourself
R-- REVERENCE is for the deep respect that you have given your body
E— the new ENERGY you will have thanks to your discipline
T— is for the TENACITY you have by being determined

"To get something different, you have to do something different. Do it with herbs."

My pleasure to serve you- Christian Crawford,

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