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Our Product Ingredient

  • Guar Gum

    Guar Gum

    Commercially, Guar Gum is a plant cultivated in India for Livestock feed. There exists growing interest in the use of Guar Gum for the treatment of diabetes and to assist in curbing appetite.

    • This root also has the ability to reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, and low~density lipoprotein levels. It also binds to toxic substances, which makes their elimination possible from the body.
    • Guar Gum is a water soluble dietary fiber like Oat gum (Oatbran) and pectin. Guar Gum has been clinically demonstrated to reduce low~density~lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels by as much as thirty percent and serum cholesterol by up to twenty percent. This is according to an article in Longevity magazine (February 1988).
    • An additional advantage found with Guar Gum is its ability to reduce blood glucose and serum insulin levels; thus, making it effective in the treatment of diabetes.


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