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Our Product Ingredient

  • Palo de 3 costillas

    Palo de 3 costillas

    This plant can be found all year round and in any forest since this plant can live in warm, semi-warm and temperate climates.  This plant is widely used to treat kidney problems such as inflammation, infections and pain caused by kidney stones (stones or grit) and bad urine (urinary tract infection or cystitis).

    Herbal specialists and naturopathic doctors assure that one in four people suffer from urinary incontinence, as we well know the kidneys are a natural filter that is responsible for cleaning the blood and it helps maintain a healthy body, keeping blood pressure stable, collaborating with the red blood cells.

    Speaking in these terms, it is valid to ask ourselves, what is the three-ribbed stick for?  We can say that it works directly or its greatest contribution to the body is that it cleanses and purifies the kidneys, this will make the person feel better.

    • People can avoid the formation of stones, which are caused by certain substances that are little housed in the urinary tract and apart from avoiding these unwanted formations, it also acts with those that are created either the smallest and the largest.
    • To do this, it uses its diuretic properties to be able to increase urine production, which means that the person can go to the bathroom more times (orinate), and thus expel the small particles (stones and grits) from the body.
    • People who use this plant for medicinal purposes do so, among other things because of its antibiotic properties, which can prevent future infections and create antibodies to them. It is good to mention that among its benefits is the one that reduces the pain and inflammation caused by colic.

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