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Kidney Fix* The Filter of Life*

Product Code : THP001


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Kidney Fix* Ingredientes ( Palo Azul) protects inflamed kidneys, leading to CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). (Doradilla), helps in gout, rheumatism, uric acid, and urinary tract infections, breaks up and dissolves gallstones, cleanses the bladder and body of toxins, purifies the blood, reduces stress, an excellent source for the strengthening of the kidneys. (Juniper Berries)it helps with the inflammation in the Adrenal glands and the spleen. (Palo 3 costillas)helps as a diuretic that removes retained urine in the kidneys.


Kidney Fix tea can be taken with plain water, hot or cold tea.
How to use: for water for use, pour a quantity of the herbs into a jar, fill it with drinking water and let it sit overnight, store it in the refrigerator and drink it as water for use. To prepare hot tea, pour a quantity of the Herbs into a pot, fill it with drinking water, bring it to a boil and after 7 minutes of boiling, turn off the flame, cover the pot and let it rest for 7 minutes, drink the tea at room temperature, after Two hours of rest can be stored in the refrigerator and drink as cold tea.

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    4.5 Sanjeev kumar sah 16 Aug 2022

    Really amazing propduct

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